Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr. Pharmacy

A few weeks ago the UMKC School of Pharmacy held their annual Mr. Pharmacy Contest. This event highlighted the talent of the male pharmacy students while also raising money for The Horizon Academy; an organization in Kansas City that serves children with learning disabilities. The contestants were nominated to compete in the event by their class or by an organization they are involved with. Each contestant was judged on the following three categories: white coat wear, pharmacy talent, and a question and answer session.

At the conclusion of the contest the winners were announced. The second place winner was Patrick Shaw; he represented the class of 2015. For his talent he performed a Cooking with Emeril segment on how to make Magic Mouthwash. The runner-up winner was Jesse Mertens; he represented the class of 2012. His talent was titled, “The Pharmacy Flirt.” In his performance he showcased his tango and salsa dance moves.

And now if I could have a drum roll please………

The winner of the 2011 Mr. Pharmacy Contest was Kyle Bliss!! Kyle represented my pharmacy class (2014). He played his guitar and sang a song titled “You Can Find it at Your Local Pharmacy.”

Congratulations on a job well done Kyle! Enjoy your reign as Mr. Pharmacy!

All the participants did an amazing job with each portion of the contest! This was a fun event to attend, and I will be back next year to see who will be crowned Mr. Pharmacy 2012.

To see Kyle performing his talent click on this link.

All of the contestants awaiting the results.

Kyle was crowned the winner!

Group picture with Mr. Pharmacy.

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