Friday, October 14, 2011

Pharmacy Fact Friday

Did you know a pharmacist can help you save money on your prescriptions?

Times are tough right now, and unfortunately patients are electing to cut costs by postponing medical care. Dr. Jack Fincham, my health economics professor, was recently on Fox 4 News discussing the ways a pharmacist can help a patient reduce their monthly prescription costs during these difficult economic times.

The news report stated patients are putting off medical care because they lack the money to pay for medical bills and prescriptions.

Here are the statistics:
  • 21% of people are putting off doctors' visits.
  • 17% of people are delaying medical procedures.
  • 16% of people don't fill prescriptions.
  • 13% of people are taking expired medications.
Postponing care can have long-term consequences that will inevitably be more expensive to the patient in the long run. It is in the best interest of the patient to take care of the minor things now, before they become major problems.

Watch the video to understand why these statistics are a problem and learn about the ways a pharmacist can help reduce your prescription drug costs.

If you are struggling to make ends meet during these tough economic times please DO NOT stop taking your medication to save money. This can affect your overall health and be more costly in the long-term. Pharmacists want to see good outcomes in their patients. This cannot be achieved if the medication is not being taken and patients are not visiting their physicians. If times are difficult for you right now, please take some time to speak with your pharmacist to determine if your prescription costs can be reduced.

That concludes the second pharmacy fact Friday. What are your thoughts? Did it surprise you to learn so many people are putting off medical care?

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