Thursday, May 24, 2012

The crops are planted.......

but we are in dire need of a rain.

I'm thrilled to death the crops are planted and I now get to see my husband before ten o'clock each night!

At the same time I'm also worried sick we have not had a good soaking rain to get the crops off to a good start. Our part of NE Kansas has only received about 0.1 inch of rain this May, the average rainfall for May in this area is 4.8 inches. Mother Nature has a lot of catching up to do in the next seven days.

Washing my car usually stirs up the rain clouds.  For example, I washed my car last Friday, and it did rain very briefly on Saturday morning. I am thankful for that little shower, but the crops are going to need more moisture to take off and grow.  I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to wash AND wax my car, pray vehemently for rain, and do a rain dance.  If this doesn't bring in those ominous black thunder heads, then I don't know what will.

Please pray for rain for our farmers.  If we don't get a nice soaking rain soon, it is quite possible there may not be a crop to harvest this fall.

Here are a few pictures of Adam and my father-in-law planting this spring.

Adam setting the planter monitor before he starts the field.
Here he comes with the first pass.

The rows after Adam planted the first pass.
This field isn't big enough for both of them! :)

Getting the tender lined up to refill the planter with seed.

These little guys need some rain!!

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