Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Social Media Options for Born to Pharm

If you just can't get enough from the blog we now have a few new places where you can follow us and keep up with our day-to-day activities.  The Born to Pharm Facebook page has been created and so far it already has 56 likes.  Head on over there and help us reach 100 likes by next Friday!  Just click on the link and hit "like" and whenever we post something on the page it will show up in your newsfeed. 

I've recently created an Instagram account, and I have to say I love this app on my phone!  You can find me on Instagram @BorntoPharm

You can also follow us on our YouTube page:

If you're on Pinterest you can follow me at

There is one last place you can follow along at and that is Twitter. You can search @BorntoPharm or click the link to follow!

What other social media sites do you follow and which outlet do you like the best? 

Be sure to leave a comment if you have a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account.  I would love to follow you and learn a little bit about what is going on in your lives!

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