Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Born to Pharm Video

I am through the roof excited to share this video with you today!!

I've been wanting to create a video that explains what Born to Pharm is and also highlight what Adam and I are trying to accomplish with our blog. The video project finally got crossed off my to-do list this summer!

Adam's cousins, Austin and Carey Bickford, came out to the farm one evening in June and we did some filming around the farm and they stayed and had dinner with us as well. It was a perfect night to enjoy the weather, the sunset, and just being out in the country!

Austin and his brother own a media production company, BicMedia, he was able to bring the professional cameras out, set them up, and got so many cool shots of the farm!  Austin and his brother were able to take several hours of footage and edit it down to just a few minutes. In this short amount of time they were able to tell our story and showcase what we are trying to accomplish with our blog. We are so happy with the final product and we hope you enjoy watching it!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Austin and Carey for taking the time to come out to the farm and put this awesome video together!  We appreciate all of your hard work on this project and we couldn't be happier with it!!

You can find BicMedia on Facebook, Vimeo, or visit their website to learn more about their company or to see more of their videos.


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