Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Farmer and Pharmacy Style

(Gangnam Style Parody)

Yes, I know it has been FOREVER since I have written a post, but school has really taken up all of my free time this semester.  When finals wrap up next week I will have a chance to update everyone with what we've been up to this fall.

For now, I have two parody videos for you related to both of Adam and I's professions. I love it when I can tie both together! The original song is Gangnam Style, by PSY.  This song and dance has taken the country by storm and there are countless parodies to it, but the ones I'm sharing today are Farmer Style and Pharmacy Style.

I'm sure you all remember the Peterson Farm Brothers from their "I'm Farming and I Grow It" parody video that they did this summer. This video went viral in a week's time. It currently has over 8 million views and it put the brothers in the national spotlight!

These Kansas farm boys and their family members are at it again with their lastest farming parody song, Farmer Style. It was released after 8pm last night and it already has over 118,000 views!!

This morning my Facebook homepage was filled with everyone sharing links for this video, and my Twitter feed was dominated by links to the video as well. Greg, Nathan, and Kendal are already off to a good start with this video, keep sharing it and remember you have to go to YouTube to watch the video for it to count toward their total views.  Watching it from the Facebook player will not add to their total view count.

The Peterson Brothers did an awesome job with this parody and it will be exciting to see how far this video will go.

Update 12/6/12 at 5pm- Farmer Style has 1,179,872 views and made the front page of YouTube  today. Not too bad for only being uploaded 44 hours ago! Congrats Peterson Brothers, you've got another viral hit on your hands!

Update 12/9/12 at 10am- 5,469,428 views! 

You can follow the Peterson Farm Brothers on their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, and you can follow Greg Peterson at @gregpeterson33.

Last night a fellow classmate shared the link for the Pharmacy Style parody.  It was done by UCSF pharmacy students and the lyrics are probably only funny to people in the pharmacy profession, (nerd alert!) but it is still entertaining. The students did a great job with the lyrics and represented pharmacy well in this video.


That's all for now, I'm going to return to my study cave and I will hopefully emerge next Thursday!

Good luck to all of the students studying for finals, Christmas break is almost here!!


  1. I love this - so hilarious! Those pharm students are sharp ;)

  2. I nominated you for a Leibster award - check it out here

    Then feel free to leave the link to your responding blog post in the comments below the post. Thanks!

  3. These articles and blogs are truly enough for me for a day.


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