Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Few New Things on the Farm

The Super Bowl ads are already rolling out on YouTube and one commercial in particular has caught my attention so far. The Chevy Silverado commercial, "Romance," is not only a great commercial for agriculture, but it also ties into several events that have happened or are happening on our farm this week. I'll let you watch the ad then I'll go into detail about the similarities. 


I know I'm WAY behind with keeping you updated about the things happening on the farm and in our lives. The blog has taken a back seat to my pharmacy rotations, and I apologize for that.  I'm really going to try my best to be more consistent with posting in the next few months!  

Since I haven't been keeping you updated, you don't know that my Ford-truck-driving husband bought a Chevy Silverado this past December. I'll say that again for effect, Adam. Bought. A. Chevy. If you haven't had the opportunity to be around a farmer or rancher for an extended period of time, you don't know that they are extremely loyal to a certain brand of truck. For example, their dad has always driven that brand and their grandfather has always driven that brand and so on. Adam comes from a long line of Ford truck men and when he made the switch to a Chevy, it was a big deal.

Similarity #1: Adam bought a Chevrolet truck. 

Similarity #2: Adam sent me a picture of this yesterday with the caption, "Surprise! Look what I bought."  

I can't wait to send him a picture of my next shopping trip, "Surprise! Look what I bought, four new pairs of shoes AND a new purse!" 

Our new stock trailer to haul our cattle in.
I apologize for the poor picture quality. Adam took this photo with his antique flip phone.

Similarity #3: We are going to a bull sale on Saturday and we will probably haul our new bull in the new trailer pulled by the new Chevy truck. 

Saturday, February 1st, is the annual Swearngin Angus Bull Sale and we will be bringing two bulls home with us. Unfortunately for the bulls, they won't be experiencing any "romance" until the spring. I may have to video when we turn the bull out in the pasture this spring to see if I can create a Navinskey Farms version of the Chevy commercial. 

My cousin, Gavin, in the ring with the bulls being auctioned
at last year's bull sale. 

Adam with the bull we bought at last year's Swearngin Angus bull sale.

I'm excited to see the other Super Bowl ads this weekend and I will have to let you know which ones were my favorite. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy all of your Super Bowl festivities! 


  1. Thanks for the Super Bowl commercial preview—loved it! Humanizing the bovine mating process provides for endless creative opportunities!


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