Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Farmer Dad

A dad who is a farmer can be a difficult person to buy a gift for. The "typical" Father's Day gifts just won't do for a dad who has chosen farming as their profession. When I say "typical" gifts I am referring to tools, golf clubs, Polo shirts, cologne, dress shirts, and ties. A farmer dad probably has every tool under the sun, and if they don't already have it, they will more than likely be purchasing it in the near future. The golfing attire and equipment are not good gifts for a farmer dad either. There is a high probability a farmer has never set foot on a golf course and would not know what to do with a 9 iron or a pitching wedge. Cologne would be a nice gesture, but I don't think my dad has ever worn cologne. Dress shirts and ties would be a nice gift, but the likelihood of them being worn more than once a year would be slim.

So, what do you get a dad who has everything and doesn't have any use for "typical" Father's Day gifts? I put together a short list of a few things I believe would be viable options to get a farmer dad for Father's Day.

5. One option is a Bluetooth headset. Farmers are constantly needing to use their hands throughout the day to perform various tasks. Freeing up one hand with the addition of a Bluetooth would give your dad the ability to work and talk on the phone at the same time.

4. If your dad is an Agnerd and has an iPhone you might want to consider purchasing a Life Proof Case to protect it from all the elements and hazards farming can expose a phone to. The Life Proof Case offers protection against water, dirt, snow, and shock. I'm patiently waiting for them to come out with a case for a Blackberry and a Droid.

3. If your dad enjoys reading there are a few books I would recommend purchasing for him. The American Farmer is a compilation of farmers and ranchers across this great nation. It has fantastic photos and provides a story about each farmer in the book. Cowboy Values and Cowboy Ethics are books that offer insight into the cowboy code and way of thinking. These books also have wonderful pictures that capture the western way of life.

2. Offer to clean out your dad's pickup. If your dad is like mine and is constantly on the go, he doesn't have time to give his truck a good cleaning. I have done this for my dad a few times and it is amazing what you will find in a farmer's truck. The layers of dust and grit can get pretty thick, a good detailing would be a great gift for a dad who doesn't always have time to give his vehicle some TLC.

Drum Roll Please..........And the number one gift you can get your farmer dad for Father's day is....

1. Quality time. Yes, it may be simple, but most farmers (and dads for that matter) are simple men and all they really want is to spend time with their kids and family on this day. If Sunday rolls around and you still have not figured out what to get your dad, I encourage you to simply spend time with him. This time of year is busy for farmers, but then again what time of the year is not a busy one? The quality time you spend with your farmer dad could very well be spent sitting in the cab of a tractor while he finishes up planting or while he is mowing and baling hay. This may not be the most ideal setting for spending time with your dad, but it is the life of a farmer and they don't take the day off because it is Father's Day. If a farmer can be working in the field, then that is where he will be regardless of what holiday it is. Even if your quality time is spent in a tractor just remember your dad will appreciate you taking time to visit with him, learn about what he is doing, and enjoy your company. The gift of quality time is a gift that will not be stored away in a toolbox, or in the back of closet, it will be stored in your father's heart, and this is the best place for a gift.

Have a great Father's Day and don't forget to tell the father in your life how much they mean to you!!


  1. I gave my family the American Farmer for Christmas one year. They loved it. Beautiful photography. Also wanted to let you know that my blog url has changed to www.crystalcattle.blogspot.com so if have enjoyed reading you'll have to refollow there. Hope you're having a great week.

  2. The American Farmer is a favorite in our household. Adam's Grandpa is featured on page 91, I pass by the Ernzen Dairy farm everyday on my way to work and they are on page 148, and another local farm family is featured on page 52.

    Thanks for letting me know about the changes with your blog. I have made the change to the new url on this blog and refollowed.

  3. Great suggestions! The Cowboy Ethics book might be one I need to get my Dad in the future. For Father's Day this year he's getting a steak brander- little BBQ tool that you can put letters in and "brand" your meat!


  4. Rosie,

    Welcome to Born to Pharm!

    A steak brander is a great idea for a farmer/rancher dad! I will have to put that suggestion on my list for next year!


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