Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Collecting Drugs on 29th and Van Brunt

If you are familiar with Kansas City you are fully aware this address is typically an area of town you want to avoid. You may be wondering then, what I was doing in this part of town, and why was I collecting drugs there?

In April a prescription take-back day was held and students from the pharmacy school had the opportunity to work with local law enforcement throughout the collection process. The prescription take-back day ensures the proper disposal of medications and keeps them out of the hands of people who may want to use them for purposes other than what they were intended for. Prescription medications are also collected to keep the drug waste out of the environment. The total amount of prescription drugs collected on this day was a little over 1100 pounds.

If you are interested in how to dispose of your medications and why it is important to do so you can click here. There are several days throughout the year when prescription take-back days are held. Look for future posts to inform you of when those days are and how you can find a location near you.

The medications brought to us are put in these containers.
The KCPD then collects these containers and sends them to
a facility to be destroyed.

James and Tristin worked the early shift.

Angela and I waiting for some drugs to be dropped off.

Working with local law enforcement to collect
the medications.

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