Saturday, June 4, 2011


With all of the rain the past few weeks I'm starting to think we live in Seattle instead of Kansas. The rain gauge has been emptied too many times to count and seeing rain in the ten-day forecast has made both of us cringe. The worry has gone from the possibility of hail damaged corn to the possibility of entire fields of corn being flooded in Missouri.

In the past sixteen days we have had just about equal days of rain and sunshine. Flooding has taken place in the area and we can only hope the Missouri River does not break through the levy and reach the farm ground Adam and his dad farm in Missouri.

Here is the breakdown of the rain amounts we have received.

May 19th - 0.5 inches- slow rain
May 20th - 0.5 inches- slow rain
May 21st - 3.5 inches- we received this amount in an hour and a half.
May 24th - 1.5 inches
May 25th - 1.6 inches
May 30th - 1.0 inch
June 1st - 2.25 inches

Grand total: 10.85 inches.

The pictures below show the flooding in the area and the standing water in the fields. The Missouri River was expected to crest in Atchison yesterday. As of right now, it is within the banks and has not exceeded them. We hope the flood waters will recede and the rain will take a break for a few weeks so things can dry out and the farmers can finish planting.

We are not the only ones who are dealing with standing water in the fields and flooding in the area. Flooding is taking place across much of the Midwest and our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have been affected by flooding this spring.

The creek between our house and Adam's grandparent's house.

The terraces are full with water.

The Missouri River at Leavenworth, looking south.

The Missouri River at Leavenworth, looking north.

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